About Essential Oil

Essential oils are some of the oldest and most
powerful therapeutic agents known. Most
people today are unaware that they have an
impressive, multimillennium-long history of use
in healing and anointing throughout the ancient
world. Dozens of essential oils are cited
repeatedly in Judeo-Christian religious texts and
records show they were used to treat virtually
every ailment known to man at that time.
Frankincense, myrrh, lotus, cedarwood, and
sandalwood oils were widely used in ancient
Egyptian purification and embalming rituals.
Other oils, like cinnamon, clove and lemon, were
highly valued as antiseptics hundreds of years
before the development of today/s synthetic
With the advance of antibiotics and prescription
drugs during the last century, natural therapeutic
agents, especially essential oils, have been
largely overlooked. Only during the last decade
have essential oils begun a resurgence in
popularity in the Untied States, as their broad-
spectrum antibacterial and therapeutic action is
rediscovered by many researchers and health-
care professionals. No doubt part of the reason
essential oils have been slow to emerge -
especially in the United States - is because they
were heavily extended and adulterated for
commercial use, destroying their therapeutic
biochemistry and making them useful only as
air-freshening or flavoring compounds.
In their pure state, essential oils are some of the most concentrated natural extracts known,
exhibiting significant and immediate antiviral,
anti-Inflammatory, antibacterial, and hormone
balancing effects. In clinical practice, they have
been shown to have a profound influence on the
central nervous system, helping to reduce or
eliminate pain, release muscle tension and
provide strong emotional uplift.

A veriety of essential oils can be used in cunjunction with your massage for an additional charge, or puchased and taken home. See next page for a list of available essenial oils

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